The Mother Generator

by Teleharmonium

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Released in the spring of 2015, "The Mother Generator" is the group's first release. It combines the spontaneity of a live off the floor studio recording with atmospheric analogue synths and lush vocal layers. The self-produced disc blends vintage art rock sounds with elements of jazz, folk, and psychedelia.

Conceived as a classic concept album, the lyrics take the form of a dream journal kept by an anonymous young girl. The story unfolds as a series of meditations on the nature of dreams and reality, the politics of space travel, and the psychological effects of living in an age increasingly dominated by technology.


released May 15, 2015

Album Credits:

Teleharmonium is:
Jonathan Kroeker- guitar, vocals
Justin Kroeker- bass
Mandy Kroeker - acoustic guitar, flute, vocals
James Neufeld- drums
Will Neufeld- Organ, Piano, Synthesizers, vocals
Adam Pauls- lead guitar

All songs written by Jonathan Kroeker, except:
"The Influencing Machine i, ii, iii" by Jonathan Kroeker/Will Neufeld
'Love: The Invisible Clock' by Mandy Kroeker

All songs arranged by Teleharmonium

Produced by Adam Pauls and Teleharmonium

Engineered and Mixed by Adam Pauls
@ Windermere Sound Emporium

Recorded by Shawn Dealey
@ Exchange District Studios

Mastered by Scott Pinder
@ Polyphonic Labs

Art Layout by Jonathan Kroeker
Photographs by John Tomman



all rights reserved


Teleharmonium Winnipeg, Manitoba

Metaphysical rock. Made in Winnipeg.

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Track Name: Every Wednesday Night (She Had A Dream)
She told me she had a dream
When she was young in life and half asleep

She met a lady there with flowing hair
Who told her she could fly
So she spread her arms wide

Her feet left the ground without a sound
The wind whispered through her nightgown
And she soared
Up above The Weeping Town

What did you see when you looked below
Could you see me huddled beneath the covers
Trying to keep the vampire at bay
Could you tell what Mom and Dad were watching
On the ten o'clock news with Knowlton Nash reporting
Could you see our Memory slipping away

Her feet touched the ground without a sound
She crawled backwards through her window
And she cried
But the lady said, "My Child, now we can fly every Wednesday night."
Track Name: The Influencing Machine i, ii, iii
Set your house in order
For you will die
And not remain alive

The machine is so simple now

For so long he's been torturing me
His power reaches even here
He controls my Mother and also my Friends
But they don't know it
They can't see it
I wanna run away from it

It's like a coffin lid but with my shape
He turns the dial and my body breaks
He strikes the side and my head aches
When he strokes the machine
I feel

The machine is so simple now
I can feel it move and it's beautiful
The machine is so simple now

We have no arms
We have no legs
We have no feelings
Track Name: What Costly Uncles
Seated at the summit of a well engineered explosion
He prepared his thoughts for fireflies and warnings
Only a Shy American, thrust into the public sky
By an ingenious weapon, prepared for every legend

Even where a dog died in a globe
And still comes around enclosed
In a heaven of Russian wire

Uncle stayed alive, gone in a robe of light
Ripping around the pretty world of girls and sights
"It will be fun," he thinks, "If by my pleasant flight
The ignorant and the Africans become convinced."

Convinced of what? Nobody knows
But The Major is too far out
Four days ahead of his own news

Until at last the Shy American smiles
Colliding again with air, fire, and lenses
To stand upon the noisy Earth
And engineer consent

Consent to what? Nobody knows
But the computers are convinced
Fed full of numbers by the True Believers
Track Name: Keep Your Teeth To Yourself
When we first met I didn't like you at all
And I couldn't figure out how she got her way again
You kept me awake at night, your crying song did

Now it's been decided it's your turn to go
And on Monday I will see you off for the last time, I know
It's nearly been ten years and I'll miss you

But it's not your fault, you're just the victim of your breed
Your Mother went out young, so will you now
What can I tell you, how can I do good by you?

You were taken away too young and stuck in a basement
And you didn't know the food and you didn't know our faces
And I don't blame you, I don't blame you at all

Because it feels a bit like I set up to me
There's Another One coming who you're not supposed to see
Now we're going for a ride and I'll return but we're leaving you behind

Why couldn't you keep your teeth to yourself?
You're not decrepit yet
Track Name: Love: The Invisible Clock
We all live in a world we can learn everything
With the push of a button with the flick of a switch
I'm a modern hippy I'm a new age prophet
I'm a prairie baby living in the city

And I've read all the books on human behaviour
And of all the saints and all the testaments
And I think that it's time we remember this line
To love is to create
And do not hate

And I want to live in a house like a hobbit
And have windmills to harvest the wind
And I'll plant all the flowers and we'll harness the power
To light up this whole world

And I'll have all the means to live like a queen
And dance all day in the sun
And there won't be peasants because we'll all be one
Without money and without pain
Once again

And we'll have all the technology to live freely
And all the food to feed the earth
And we'll all have our say because of the voices today
To fight for what is right

Throw away your guns don't you shoot 'em up now
Throw away your bombs don't you shoot 'em up now
We harnessed the power of the atom
No thanks to Adam

Money just is paper and rocks
Tick tick tick the invisible clock
Track Name: The Past Is Particles
An iron bell hung from the arch of my ribcage
When I moved, it rang and sent a spark into my brain
Back down through the sap inside my bones
One note, every tone

I heard the voiced vowel like a sign
But I couldn't catch the consonants and turn them into sense
What it wanted, I couldn't tell
Just a word, nothing else

And the bell in my ribs rang a true note
But it can't be owned by anyone
And nobody else can hear it
Just me
Track Name: I See Simple Lines
One single point is forming
Gathered in the mist of space and time
Colours and shapes colliding
With the water boiling in my mind
I cannot sing the final things
My mouth is shut my eyes are dry
All I see are simple lines

Falling to earth unknowing
Tiny knots of sparkling crystalline
Blood, bark, and bones combining
My Mother tells me not to cry
It's happening, the wedding ring
My lungs are filled with air until
All I see are simple lines

Souls carve out concrete cages
Underneath the city gleams and shines
Our water separates us
I meant to kiss you one last time
I can't believe it happened to me
The match is struck, the fire flies
The Father spoke, the demons died
The Son has come, "Alive!" she cried
All I see are simple lines
Track Name: The Mother Generator
My Mother died the winter before
And war bore my Brother away
The only possessions my Father kept
Were his rifle, my Sisters, and Me

Three weeks ago I had a dream
I was flying while you were asleep
I met a lady there, all dressed in white
Now I see her Every Wednesday Night

"Our Mother below is thirsty," she said
"And only with life may her thirst be quenched
Only a pure one may make evil undone
A Daughter of ours must our Mother become"

I was taken at dawn by my Sisters to stand
My Father behind them with rifle in hand
Out to the oak tree in the field where nothing grows
And as the sun rose I was put down below

Winter blew in with death in its wind
My Father took sick, won't be seeing spring again
Every Wednesday evening my Sisters kneel at my tree
They say, "Please Mother Generator please"

Please Mother Generator Please